An unsaid letter…

To My Dearest R….

Maybe, in the midst of this year our collision was written but how do I conclude it? It is a transitory one with one-sided longing and affection which has a lot to reveal. We were extraordinarily capable of concealing our genuine emotions and so never felt the urge to reveal our sheen pages. We found it quite fascinating to be in such a stimulating journey without having known that both of us were equally involved in it. It seemed totally voiceless but felt very divine. From dawn to dusk, every second kept on questioning about our paradisiacal silence which we shared and that too solely believed in maintaining a rhythm of silence. It’s a mere reflection of our thought process. Intentionally, both of us tried to get lost in the territories of our imaginations. We dared to do so and got to feel the resilience of a paradigm shift happening within us. We didn’t back off and why to ruin such a splendid way of communication between two tranquil lovers? We persisted and probably that was meant to be. Though we couldn’t amass enough guts required to confess but continued to console ourselves that one of us will approach with a truth that we kept as obscure. We’ve successfully surrendered, no doubt.

It’s high time for me that I gleefully accept a departure from our mysterious play of love and submit all my wills to your heart, my man. Do come to feel my warmth whenever you feel like and I’ll shower you with fervor. I’m neither a refuge Island nor heaven on earth but I can promise you a commitment for eternity.

You were one of a kind and I could sail in the literary analysis you possessed. You were the best feeling that could shape me into a bold thinker and a nonabrasive soul. Thank you for all that you’ve done to me, be it knowingly or unknowingly. Now I understand transitions are full of sanity. At a slow pace, I’ve learned to say it’s okay. And, it’s really okay. I wanted to visit your magnificent village holding your charismatic hands and embrace each and every page of your life, be it past, present or future. I still have some hope for us to unite in some random lands. What if all my aspirations and assumptions came true? What if you pen poetry that declares openly about your hidden desire to love me? What if? Will you give me some acceptance instead of ignorance? At the same time,  selfless sounds supportive in nature but it agonizes through multiple paths to conflicting directions. I’ll wait for you. I’ll wait for a day to be remembered by us and a date to be remembered by all and sundry. I’ll wait, dear. I hope this unsaid letter very soon turns into a said one.

I love you.



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