An intense slumber

I’m in an intense slumber where I know nothing but an upcoming saga of romance.
I can neither stay nor depart and
it resembles a convoluted fence.
I’m hunting for human consolation
from one land to another,
I’m provoking people to shun me to ether.
Alas, I already know it’s the highest
power who can exceptionally pacify.
I need no bottles of elixir or eternal life.
Here, I’m vehemently waiting for the
Day of Resurrection to come and just
get lost into the unknown…
Also, a village I know that is succulent and keen summons my heart as a sublime.
So, I told why don’t you insist your man of letters to pull me closer and kiss for a lifetime?
After all, I’ve survived months in a thunderbolt,
the world and his wife were naive to understand this drastic assault and I still remember nights when I could only vociferate. (I had no other option)
I’ve gone insomniac and I think perplexion was inked on my fate.
If a cascade of affection touches my lips then maybe I genuinely can move on.
Now, it feels lush to remain overwhelmed in a deep slumber.
Who can pulverize the conscience of a patient lover?

//B. Farhaj Jebin//

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