Bygone Days…

There were days when we had conversation about insomniacs and their similarities in nocturnal activities.
It must be an easy task to commit clandestine deeds you whispered and unwillingly I nodded.
I talked about politics and activism and got warned lives are under threat,
violence revolving around humans just like the earth revolves around the sun and summed up by making it pellucid that most of the areas are conflict-ridden these days. I shushed.

Pondering about the meaning of your name gives me sovereignty to adjoin mine with yours.
If it’s not future that can settle us together then what’s the issue in adjusting the rest which may play a good role?
We’re kaleidoscopic. You had undiscovered thoughts and those compelled me to shut my fuck up. I felt I sounded lame.
Things weren’t like I wished but with you hours were more than discussions on romanticism and Netflix series. It was nothing more or less than listening to soothing music.
I’ve spoken about gender issues and how we females have been silenced since ages.
Questions like Who is responsible? Can you give me a reasonable explanation on behalf of your melancholic words?

With these words I guess you convinced me you are ruthless? Huh?Our disparities could not demonstrate us thoughtless I must say.
We only had commas and no full-stops.

We argued at your point that destructive criticism is really profound. Maybe I needed some knowledge from your intellectual sea.
We accepted that we’ll remain unapologetic for being honest and sturdy about bringing debates on the table instead of meals.
We did promise to hover as narcissists if it’s doing no harm to the world and always be imaginative over everything. Also, daydream as much as we can.
We agreed we’ll pen meaningless prose and poetry and never try to absorb ourselves in someone else’s mindset.
I’m surviving to fulfill our expectations and we shouldn’t feel hopeless today.

Four years to go and I still can’t figure out what exactly happened to us?
We are invisible psyches. It reflects all your shades whenever I recall our journey from a past that has no fault in it.

-B. Farhaj Jebin

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