Humans in the midst of Corona Virus

Maybe this phase is designed to bring us back to a state of humanness and turn us into sturdy so that we prepare ourselves enough to deal with circumstances. The present aura of misery has a lot to reveal and it’s telling us something we’ll be able to analyze and decipher after a long passage. We know that this prophecy is within us but intentionally we’re binding our mind to keep aside. That’s totally bleak.
It has a sole motive and that’s to connect us to ourselves. We’ve forgotten the basics of life. We’ve failed to realize there are some things that matter and they are in need of our priority. But, we humans have been constantly ignoring those. We’ve lost ourselves, maybe in some unwanted stuff as well. We just don’t care anymore. Everybody is retaining a damn care attitude. Our inner core has gone numb and we’re unaware of it.
We’ve successfully surrendered in maintaining valuable relationships and this generation is at stake. We no longer abide by virtue and vice but are simply absorbed to fulfill our bellies. These days feelings and opinions are traded in the name of human insurance. How naive!
See how vulnerable humans are and we actually can’t fight against the law of nature. Now, where has pride gone? Where has materialism gone? Disasters aren’t discriminatory and bigoted in nature. Supremacy has got nothing to do with them. Catastrophes don’t believe in the fascist rule. They attack as well as barrage irrespective of color, wealth, race, religion, caste, creed, sex, etc.
Out of nowhere, they show symptoms of their arrival which compels you to think about departure followed by utter desolation. Greed and ecstasy can fade away in the blink of an eye. But, selfishness is never-ending. We take it along with us.
What’s the use of egotism? Just remember we came alone and we need to go alone. Seclusion is a part of survival.  Helplessness has to be our identity because we breathe inside that and death is outta our custody.

B. Farhaj Jebin

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