A vibrant dawn?

These days and nights are hard and you realize that you’ve been isolating from the discordant arenas. You don’t understand mental peace now. You’ve no guts to accompany your self-inflicted unendurable injuries. You want something really bad but it has gone too far just at the blink of an eye. Your given hints weren’t enough to take into account and you were ignored.
Unabashedly, you did everything that you could do to make it credible but it went in vain. There are a few who are in love with your devastating present state of life and are giving big applause. But, you still have some hope and aspiring for vibrant dawn. You can’t figure out the reasons behind the worst case scenario. You believe in the potency of conviction to grip your shattered self to the core. You know that it’ll definitely make a way out.
Your faith will lead you somewhere and you’ll evolve into a phoenix and comprehend the beauty of test and trials. You have painted patience on your soul and you’re waiting for an exquisite day to come.

~ B. Farhaj Jebin

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